Revision Breast Surgery | Corrective Breast Implants

This is usually related to revision after breast implant surgery. For various reasons, there may be a need for revision surgery after having breast implants. These include:

  •  Ruptured implants which would need replacement
  •  Excessive scarring around an implant (capsular contracture) which would need to be released and the implant replaced
  •  Difference in the symmetry of both sides, which would need correction
  •  The desire for larger or smaller implants, or different shape implants
  •  Rotation of an anatomical implant if that is used, with a deformed breast shape
  •  Desire for the removal of the implants

Depending on the particular concerns of the patient, revision surgery may be required to correct any problems, no matter where, or how long ago, the breast augmentation surgery was performed.

Please contact our office for a consultation to discuss your reasons for breast revision surgery.