Correction inverted Nipple | Nipple Surgery (Inverted Nipple Repair, Nipple Reduction)

Nipple Enhancement or Nipple Reduction is a simple procedure usually performed in conjunction with another breast procedure, or may be performed on its own. For various reasons, the nipple conditions may be indrawn from birth, or may become indrawn during adulthood due to excessive scar tissue from previous trauma or surgery, or from cancer.

New onset nipple inversion, as a first priority, will require a full examination and assessment to exclude an underlying breast cancer. Once this is excluded, a simple procedure may be performed to release the inverted nipple, and allow it to protrude as normal. This is usually performed after child bearing, as this is likely to interfere with the possibility of breastfeeding from the affected side, although in many cases of inverted nipple, there may be difficulties with breastfeeding even before surgery.