20 October 2013

ARM LIFT @ Enhance Cosmetic Surger

20 October 2013,

An arm lift, also known as brachioplasty, reduces excess skin and fat between the underarm and the elbow, reshapes your arm to result in […]

10 September 2013

Laser Hair Removal

10 September 2013,

  -Laser Hair Removal Technique Depending on the area being treated, the process may take anywhere from several minutes to several hours to complete. […]

13 June 2013

ABC of Breast Augmentation

13 June 2013,

Everyone’s breasts are different and not all breast augmentation surgery is the same. The following article hopes to enlighten us on the ins and […]

30 May 2013

Tummy Tuck & Other Options for Sydney Residents

30 May 2013,

Tummy Tuck & Other Options for Sydney Residents Seeking a Tighter, Flatter Abdomen A full tummy tuck can help Sydney patients achieve sleek and […]