Breast Reduction | Mammaplasty

We also offer Breast Reduction Surgery to women in Sydney and other cities in Australia.

Breast reduction, also known as reduction mammaplasty, is designed for women with very large breasts causing them medical or psychological problems. This procedure removes breast tissue, and skin from the breasts, making them smaller and firmer.

Breast reduction is one of the medical procedures that Enhance Cosmetic Surgery Sydney performs.

There are various surgical techniques that have been described for this procedure over the years. Each technique has its specific advantages, and disadvantages. Each technique is also recommended for different size breasts, and depending on what is desired to be achieved. A moderate sized breast reduction may be performed through more limited scars. However, more significant breast reductions, performed on much larger breasts, usually involve the inverted T- scar end point. This involves a scar around the nipple, an up and down scar below the nipple in the midline, and another line that hides in the crease below the breast tissue.

Breast reduction surgery is an involved surgical procedure that takes some time to perform in theatre. It usually involves the placement of one drain on each side, to drain any fluid after the surgery, which is part of the healing process. It also usually involves on night’s stay in hospital, after which the patient is sent home with the drains still in. The drains are very easy to look after, and stay in for an average of 4 -5 days, after which they are removed after review and consultation with Dr Kirby.

Dr Kirby is an experienced Sydney breast surgeon who routinely obtains excellent results in breast reduction surgery. She routinely performs general breast checks prior to the surgery, to ensure nothing is overlooked. Competitive prices at Enhance Cosmetic Surgery means the patients are all the more satisfied with the overall experience.

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