Occasionally, in patients who have abdominal wall hernias, and who also desire to have a tummy tuck, this procedure may be combined. As Dr Kirby also has a special interest in hernias, she is able to offer a combined service for both procedures.

Patients who have a significant sized abdominal hernia, usually have to have this repaired prior to being able to have a successful tummy tuck operation. Having both procedures performed simultaneously, if it is possible depending on the position and the characteristics of the particular hernia, offers the patient the convenience of having both procedures performed at the same time, with the same post-operative recovery period. In addition, the same tummy tuck scar is used to access the hernia for the repair, with no need for any additional scars.

There are various techniques available for hernia repair. The most notable and relevant advance over the last few years is the increased use of mesh to bolster the repair, in order to prevent future recurrences. Keyhole repair, another recent advance, has limited applications when a tummy tuck is desired in conjunction.